iPad Portrait: Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger iPad portrait by Woon Tien David Chong

Wow. This portrait of Nicole Scherzinger is just stunning.

It’s the creation of Woon Tien David Chong, done with the Procreate app.

We’ve featured David’s great iPad artwork, and in particular his beautiful portraits, before. This one is an instant huge favorite for me. I know Scherzinger is likely among the most photographed women in the world, but I honestly doubt whether there’s a more flattering shot of her than this image.

To see more of David’s superb iPad art, check out his Facebook art page.

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iPad Art: Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue iPad painting

Well here’s a sight for sore eyes. Or eyes that aren’t sore. Especially eyes that are familiar with Kylie Minogue and some of her videos.

It’s called Kylie Minogue and it was painted by Andrew Harrison. Here’s a little more background on it, in the artist’s own words:

My iPad painting of Kylie .Decided to call it finished for now.I could do more but have other projects on the go.Used the Brushes painting app to do this on the iPad..enjoy

I think I’m glad Andrew didn’t have time to finish this one. If Kylie looked any better I’d spend far too long looking at her. :)

This image was uploaded to our ever-growing iPad Insight Flickr group, which now has a wonderful array of iPad paintings.

Check out more of Andrew’s great work at his A Harrison Flickr photo stream.

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iPad Art: In the Woods

In the Woods iPad painting

Wow. I love this image even though it kinda scares the pants off me. I find it spooky and powerful.

It’s called ‘In the Woods’ and it’s the work of Rafael Co, also known as RaffyCo on Flickr and Cheeky Raffy in our iPad Art Google+ community. It was created on the iPad using the Procreate app.

I’m definitely not going to be admiring this one when it’s late at night and the wind is howling outside. :)

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iPad Art: Catalan Beach

Catalan Beach 11 by Alberto Viladrosa

Today’s a bit of a chilly, North windy sort of day here in Austin – so thoughts of warm Catalan beaches are very welcome.

The beach image above is called Catalan Beach 11, and it’s the creation of Alberto Viladrosa – painted on an iPad with the Brushes app. It’s part of a growing series of lovely Catalan beach images that Viladrosa has been sharing to our iPad Insight Flickr group recently. I was fortunate enough to spend time on some beaches near Barcelona some years back – and have nothing but good memories about those days.

As some of you may recall, we recently had Viladrosa as a featured iPad artist here. When you have a chance check out Viladrosa’s Flickr stream for lots more of his excellent iPad artwork.

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iPad Art: Modern Frankenstein

Modern Frankenstein

Today’s piece of featured iPad art is ‘Modern Frankenstein’, created by Rafael Co. I think this is a fun and very striking piece. I know my gaze keeps coming back to it when I see it in our iPad Insight Flickr group.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’d like to bump into her in a dark alley, but she sure has some interesting curves and angles. :)

Rafael was a featured artist here last month, and I’m a big fan and find myself always entertained with his pieces. Check out more of his great work at his Flickr stream.

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iPad Art: Monster Blues

Today’s featured piece of iPad art is ‘Monster Blues’ by SKR Imaging. I’ve shared some of SKR Imaging’s work here before, and this one leaps off the page at me for a lot of the same reasons that all his work does. I love the colors and how powerful the image is. I find it […]

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iPad Art: Flamenco

Wow. I love this image for so many reasons. The colors are so striking, it has so much movement, and I just love Flamenco. I was lucky enough to see some great live Flamenco and Sevillana shows when I lived in London and traveled frequently to Spain. It’s a fantastic form of music and dance […]

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iPad Art: Enchanted Yozakura

Today’s featured iPad artwork is titled ‘Enchanted Yozakura (cherry clossoms at night)’ by Woon Tien David Chong. The image was created using the Brushes 2 app. I think enchanted is a good choice of wording for the title – it feels a little magical and the colors are just lovely. We’ve featured David’s work here […]

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Featured iPhone Artist: Igor Cheban

Today’s featured iPhone artist is Igor Cheban, or icheban – as he is know on imgur. I only just discovered his artwork a couple of weeks ago but I am now a huge fan of it. I love the whimsical and clever themes of his work – and the witty titles that he gives them. […]

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iPad Art: Seascape

Today’s featured iPad art is Seascape, by hgberk and shared to the iPad Insight Flickr group. It was created on an iPad using the Art Studio app. I’m a huge admirer of iPad and iPhone art and I’m continually amazed at the stunning artwork being created on these devices, as you might already know given […]

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