Featured iArtist: Yoshiyuki Uchida

Sunflower by Yoshiyuki Uchida

Wow. Yoshiyuki Uchida’s artwork done on the iPad and the iPhone is beautiful and impressive right off the bat. When you then learn that Yoshiyuki is an over-50 year old businessman in Tokyo who had ‘no idea’ of painting seriously until six months ago the work is all the more amazing.

I have just started painting seriously since last month,May.2010. I found that painting is so enjoyable after finishing the paint with Brushes on iPhon

The image above is called Sunflower and was done with the Brushes app on iPad.

Here are just a few more lovely images by Yoshiyuki:

Blue and White Flycatche rby Yoshiyuki Uchida

This is Blue and White Flycatcher, done on an iPhone 3GS with Brushes.

Butterfly 3 by Uchi Uchi

And this one is Butterfly 3 – done on the iPad with Brushes.

Maiko 6 by Yoshiyuki Uchida

And finally this one is Maiko 6, done on the iPad and once again with Brushes.

As with all of my favorite iArtists, it was very hard to narrow down my choices to just four images, as there are so, so many beautiful ones to choose from.

To see lots more of Yoshiyuki’s work, have a look at his Flickr stream here:


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